2002 Acura TL

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Oh No, I got robbed 
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Here is the gear I am installing:

Alpine DVA-9860 

Multi AMP install kit.  4 gauge

AVelectronic Navigation Video Interface (Budget Version) and Component Video cable to connect from Alpine Unit
Zero Noise RCAs x 3

Wiring guides used for this install. Click for a viewable image.

Here is my replacement

Boyo VTL400 (rearview camera)

Time to install, start with the AMP(s).

I ran a 4 gauge wire from the battery to the trunk.  There is already a hole for the wire in your firewall.  Run the wire along the sides of the car and into the trunk.

Find the hole on the firewall.  Push the plastic piece out from the other side.

Look right above the Gas pedal and find the piece of foam. (click on picture) 

Pry up the panels along the side and push the power cable down below the foam

Remove the backseats and I ran the power cable along side some other wires, and used a little tape to make sure the seat didn't pinch the cable.

I mounted the fuse on top of the battery cover. The battery cover can easily be removed by lifting from the right side.  Might want to put some shield on the cable so it doesn't get burned by the engine.

Capacitor is on left, distribution unit is on the right, and the a 4 channel amp for the door speakers is mounted to the roof of the trunk.

Here you can see the AMP mounted to the roof of the trunk.  I used some plywood I cut up and wrapped with cloth and screwed them into the roof, then mounted the amp to it.

Behind the seats is a good place for the ground. Make sure you grind the paint off of the metal with some sandpaper


Time to install the Head Unit

I installed a 1 DIN headunit that plays DVDs and CDs.  The player has video output that you will connect to a monitor.  Make sure you order a mounting kit and wiring harness

Remove the factory headunit.  Here are some detailed instructions: link

Attach the AC controls to your mounting kit.  It should fit perfectly

Slide your stereo in the mount kit and put it in the dash.  Use the wiring harness to connect the stereo wires to the factory wires. 

Run the RCA cables down the OPPOSITE side of the car as the power wire.  This helps eliminate engine noise.

Replace your factory door speakers.  Run the speaker wire from the amp to the speakers, this was hard.  I had to cut a slit in the rubber hose and feed a coat hander through the hose, then tape the speaker wire to coat hanger and slide it through.  Then i put some glue on the slit to seal it back up.  You can tap into the factory speaker wires, if you find the right wiring diagram, but I wanted to make so i could easily put everything back.

Time to install the AVelectronic Navigation Video Interface (Budget Version)

Here is how i decided to mount the unit, remove this screw

Remove the back seat and drill a small hole in the metal so the screw can fit through it.

Now slide the screw through the hole and screw it into the unit.

Run the wires back to the DVD unit in your trunk

I have a distribution block in my trunk that I ran the power wire to.  Make sure you have the fuse in between the power source and the AV unit.
Radio Shack sells a bunch of switches.  Choose whatever you want and mount it anywhere, but this is what I chose.  A two way switch mounted in the Dash kit.  Yes, i used a big drill bit to make the hole.  So the instructions say to attach the yellow wire to the Parking Brake GROUND.  So, run the yellow wire from the AV unit to the switch and connect it to one part of the switch.

The other wire is connected to the 'parking brake' GROUND.  I didnt have a solder gun, so I just twisted the wires and wrapped it with electric tape.  DO NOT CONNECT A WIRE WITH CURRENT TO THE YELLOW WIRE.

I removed the center console and ran the wires and video cable down the center.  Once again, i used a coat hanger to fish the wires underneath the carpet, or you can remove every seat and all the carpet, but the back seat is easy to remove, the front ones, not so much.

This looks crappy, but i did have a video cable, so i used some 15 ft RCAs.  A)they are too long, B)the quality is probably better with a video cable.  Oh well.  If you click on this picture, you can see i grounded the black wire just above the unit.

Here you can see the switch with the car all put back together.

Here is the a DVD playing

Another view.  The quality is pretty good, though it doesnt look so in these pictures.

As you may have read above, some street tuffs took my head unit.  They did a pretty good job uninstalling the unit. They didn't break any of the interior except for the mounting kit.  I was thinking of getting a new head unit, so I guess this help make up my mind.

Crutchfield was selling the JVC KD-AVX77 as a 'signature' item.  That meant it came with a free wiring harness, mounting kit, and a rear view camera.

Time to install again:

So now I am using the AVelectronic Video Interface with two video inputs, the headunit and rearview camera.  I put the mounting kit in and then marked a hole to drill for the switch.

This is a 'DPDT center off switch' from Radio Shack for $5.  It has three positions.  The middle is off, which shows factory navigation, down connects the 12v lead from the reverse light to the blue wire on AVelectronic unit, and UP connects the parking break ground.

Here is an outline of the switch.  This is the bottom view.  If I flip the switch to the right, the blue wire is connected to the 12v reverse lead, to the right, and the ground wire is connected to the yellow wire.

If your good with a soldering iron, use it.

I had to drill a hole in the license plate then in the frame of the car.  It is easy to do coming from the inside of the trunk.

On the inside of the trunk, underneath the plastic cover, there is a good place to ground the camera.  Then I ran the rest of the wires up to my AVelectronic unit.

To the left of the AV unit, you can see where a connected the power for the camera to the power wire for the AV unit and then connected the other video input.

comment on my install by sending an email to gol1953@yahoo.com


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